Project 74973

Project 74973 was something I committed to this week.  Having looked back at my stats over the last 3 years, its fair to say that my leanest statistic was way back in April 2012.  I took a photo right before I boarded a plane to Canada and its fair to say that not only was I lean, but I felt extremely healthy too.  At the time I was still looking for improvements, so in my head there was unfinished business.

I used the time in Canada to relax, after all I had earned it after 8 months of dedication to become lean.  When I returned home I set about becoming lean again, but somehow I found it hard to regain some control over my nutrition/training regimen.

Project 74973 is all about getting back to my former self only this time the plan will be executed correctly…That is to say that I’m going to apply all that I’ve learned along the way and progress my transition to completion.  At the point I reach my goal, the next goal will be to maintain and manage going forward.

Bring on 74973, I’m ready…


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