Fat is not the bad guy, sugar is…


At some point when we were noticing that we were getting fat as a population, we made the enemy fat and everything then became fat free.

Fat free normally means its loaded with sugar.  You can take a 1lb bag of sugar and put a label on it which states its fat free.  The problem is that once its ingested will turn into fat because it sends the sugar levels sky high.  The pancreas then has to secrete insulin in order to bring that down so you don’t die.  Insulin is the fat producing hormone.  All that excess energy that the body has had to convert comes along, but the body has nowhere to put it, so it creates fat cells and stores the energy there to use later.  Unless you match the exercise output to the sugar input, you are very likely to keep a hold of these fat cells in the long term.

Its not fat that makes you fat, its sugar that makes you fat.


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