Is eating healthy expensive?


Making the switch to eating healthy is expensive right?  Nope, you’ve just got to know where the best sources of food is located, so this post is here to help.

Single Ingredient Foods

Its worth pointing out early on that I’m a huge fan of single ingredient foods and what I mean by that is there is just one ingredient to them.  An avocado is just that, a banana is just that, a tomato is just that.  I say this for a reason because as soon as you start ‘processing’ a food, the actual process will remove some of the key nutrients of that single ingredient food.  There is also a high likelihood that extra ingredients will be added during that process that shouldn’t really be there.  I guess the take away point I’m trying to make is that if you look at the ingredients and you can’t pronounce one of them, then you shouldn’t really be ingesting it right?

I’d also like to add that the more colourful the food the more nutrients its likely to contain, so think deep colours like greens, purples, oranges, reds etc.

Getting back to basics

Supermarkets have become increasingly popular for people that want everything under one roof, its convenient and I can’t disagree with that, but if you have a local greengrocer, market stall trader, butcher within walking distance then why not?  You can burn a few calories while you walk and you are helping local businesses in the process.  The thing is, I’ve looked into this and not only are you getting fresher produce, its also cheaper by comparison, I mean way cheaper.  Case in point, a whole cucumber at Tesco is around 80p, a greengrocer will sell you one for 50p, and you can haggle with them if you have the stomach for it 🙂

A butcher will sell you quality meat too, a 250g piece of steak from Tesco is £4 (on offer at the minute), but a butcher will sell you a nice cut of steak for the equivalent weight for £3.20.

Markets are great for picking up some fantastic deals.  You can check out your local farmers markets online where you can pick up some real bargains too.  On the subject of online retailers, there are many that provide some fantastic options to have food delivered to you.  Find your local farm and ask if they deliver.  I personally found one a short while ago and now I use them regularly.

I hope this has given you a few ideas, so get out there and find some excellent sources of single ingredient (nutrient dense) foods.

I will post up a few ideas on where I source my food from and hopefully a price comparison from an ‘under one roof’ retailer.

2 thoughts on “Is eating healthy expensive?

  1. Wish I had local grocers around here! But when I go to the grocery stores, I stick to only a few aisles (produce, meat and beans [occasionally], and dairy). This helps me avoid the over-processed middle aisles.

    1. Absolutely, I always opt for the food types that have a short shelf life and an array of colour.

      There are online retailers that deliver to your door too (UK). There are countries that don’t have that luxury, we in the UK are quite lucky in that respect.

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