Bodypower 2013

Olly Foster

So yesterday was a chance to network with people in the fitness and nutrition industry.  What I like about Bodypower is the vast array of people that make up the event from exhibitors to visitors and this year was no different.  There were people there that are truly inspiring and I stumbled across a hero of mine that I’ve been a fan of for a while.  What sets Olly Foster out from the rest of the crowd is that he doesn’t subscribe to the vast array of BS in the industry and does what he knows best.

There were so many others to see too but one such lady was Kelly Rennie.  She was over at the stand giving away free stuff.  Kelly very much subscribes to the paleo way of living and her cookbooks have tonnes of useful recipes that are easy to make.  In the early days of my personal journey, I started out on the paleo diet but I needed ideas on what to eat.  Kelly’s website provided a huge amount of information on how to go about implementing it, so in a round about sort of way she helped me to figure out a few things along the way.  I had always wanted to meet her in person, however, I must admit to feeling a little awe struck so I hope that didn’t come across too much 🙂

I also got some time to hang out with my nutrition buddies over at the Protein Pow stand and got to say ‘Hi’ to Anna again.  There were many opportunities to listen in on various nutrition talks too and what I do think is that the message to promote ‘healthy’ is really starting to gather momentum   There are so many different diets out there that promote the quick fix but people are now starting to realise that it takes time and effort to become healthy and with the right guidance, people can become AWESOME versions of themselves….

…and hopefully this is where I step in….


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