Summer is here isn’t it?


So recently I’ve taken time out to spend with family and developing the business end of this nutrition enterprise. Today was the first opportunity in a while to get out in the sunshine…the weather has not been kind of late so I took full advantage. The problem was nobody shared the same inclination as me in my local gym. I went down there to a) get changed into my outdoor gear for a spot of triathlon training and b) to get hydrated from the water fountain upstairs. I was amazed to see EVERY piece of cardio equipment in full use. A glance out of the window would have alerted anyone to the fact that the sun was out but despite this people were opting to stay indoors. Across the road from the gym is a beautiful country park with lots of cycle and running routes to make full use of, so I was a little baffled to say the least.

Sometimes its great to look at the world around you and realise there is more to this world than meets the eyes. Indoor training is for when the weather aint that great and for the odd days we do get decent weather we should make full use of it…


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