Quality food doesn’t have to be expensive…

Shopping List

When I advise clients on good sources of quality nutrition, I often get remarks about healthy food being expensive.  Most of the time its a learning curve, knowing where to locate the bargains is usually half the battle won.

For half the week I work away from home and without the luxuries of a refrigerator to keep things cool, so I shop daily and I always check out options where I can get good quality nutrition.  Most of the time I buy single ingredient foods from the local fruit and vegetable stores.  Here you can pick up some very good bargains and the beauty is ONLY buying the quantity of foods you need, again this keeps the bill cheap.

I will very often buy foods with an array of deep colours, think beetroots, peppers, avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber you name it, the list can get long and varied and again cheap!

So point 1 is lots of colours, point 2 is the protein element, think chicken, mozzarella, cooked meats like beef, ham etc and fish like tuna or prawns.  Now this is where things can get a bit pricy so I always look for the deals on offer.  For the last week, prawns have been on offer so I’ve taken advantage, the week before it was salmon, so you get the idea, keep your eyes peeled for the bargains.  Point 3 is fats, so I usually grab a handful of nuts, usually Brazil or Cashew Nuts, a small bag from the supermarket is generally £1 or less…utter bargain!  The final point 4 is usually fruit, however I limit my fruit because a lot of fruit can contain natural sugars; i will very often go for berries for their Low GI properties and again, look for the bargains, most supermarkets will rotate the deals so one week raspberries will be on offer then blackberries may be the following week so always keep you options open.

On the subject of price, I can generally eat good quality nutrition for less than £5 a meal…take today for example.

Salad from the fruit and vegetable stall at the local market <£4, 1kg of prawns from the fishmonger <£10…one meal that feeds 4 for £3.50 a head…champion and nutritionally dense.

Here’s another idea…

Chicken Avocado Salad

1 Chicken breast £3 from the butcher

1 Avocado £1 – Supermarket

Onion 18p – Supermarket

1 Lime 50p – Supermarket

Small bag of coriander 80p – Supermarket

Total £5.48 will provide 2 meals, so overall £2.74 per meal…..bargain!

So the take home point is good nutrition does not have to cost you, you just need to seek out quality options from the amazing array of local sources 🙂  Happy hunting 🙂


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