Colon Detox….an experiment…

Colon Detox

I’m always interested to understand new things so I recently embarked on a colon detox protocol over a short period of 4 days.  The mechanics of which will be understood later, but in essence for 4 days I only drank prune juice mixed with psyllium husk or apple juice mixed with psyllium husk.

For anyone thats familiar with Psyllium Husk, its VERY high in fibre and if you add water to it, its properties become like that of a sponge.  The point of this concoction was too allow the colon to detoxify naturally by creating a pipe cleaner effect in the colon as you naturally digest it.

Day one was uneventful however after 12 hours I started to get muscle cramping due to a) lack of food and b) the effects of the detox.  This protocol isn’t supposed to be easy, but the theory is sound enough so I accepted the effects and carried on.

The following day was interesting….after a visit to the toilet I felt immediately revitalised and full of energy and ready to take on the world. I hadn’t eaten in over 24 hours and I wasn’t missing it either.  I reduced the psyllium husk to a more manageable dosage and carried on.  I woke up the next morning having had probably the best nights sleep EVER.  I put this down to the lack of biological processing of food stuffs that weren’t present in my diet.  The sleep element of the experiment was amazing, I can honestly say I looked forward to a good nights rest each evening.  By day 3, I was excreting what can only be described as adult meconium (and anyone that’s had children will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!).  This was the interesting part, because the detox was clearly having an effect and I was also feeling physically and emotionally more alert than ever.

After day 4, I started to introduce healthy foods back into my diet because the effects were less pronounced and the protocol had reached its natural conclusion anyway.  I can’t say that I would do this again, but it definitely left a lasting impression on me.

For anyone that’s interested in the protocol I followed, then by all means leave a comment and I’ll explain it in a little more detail.


2 thoughts on “Colon Detox….an experiment…

  1. Why wouldn’t you do it again if you got great sleep and felt energised, also went three days without food and didn’t feel hungry after first day? Did benefits last more than a couple of days?

    1. Hi there and thanks for replying 🙂

      To answer your question, the muscle cramping throughout was pretty tough going but even more so during the first two days while the effects started to present. I will admit that the sleep element was a huge bonus but offsetting this against the stomach cramps is the main reason why I wouldn’t do this again in the near future. Its also only a 4 day protocol (about the time it takes to clear the colon if done correctly)

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