15 seconds to change the health of the nation…


Yep you read that correctly, 15 seconds is all you will need.  You see there is a health initiative gathering pace, to address the health of the nation that I’ve been involved in promoting.  The initiative is called Move.Eat.Treat and the campaign strikes at the heart of the medical curriculum so that the doctors of tomorrow will have the tools necessary to provide better healthcare for the nation of tomorrow.  The idea that Doctors will be able to provide the right information at the right time is something that I wholly support.

Last week, the Move.Eat.Treat summit was held at the Institute for Sport, Exercise & Health (ISEH), University College London and was attended by some of the UKs leading health experts and discussion centered around how we could address the problem of child obesity in the UK.  During the presentation there were stark reminders how children don’t exercise as often as their grandparents did in the 1950s.

So how do we tackle this? Well we could make it mandatory for schools to include 1 hour of PE a day.  Just think about that for a second.  Exercise has been proven to improve cognitive function, so while schools concentrate on improving children’s English, Maths and Science studies, surely having healthy kids in school will make them more focussed on learning.  A win / win hey?

I personally believe that in order to get children to move more we need to make exercise fun again.  I was asked a few years ago how we could make staff morale better at work and I replied, ‘get them on a trampoline for 20 mins’!  That comment received a few laughs but deep down we all have a child inside dying to burst out and have fun.

In fact to illustrate that point, I have a few links that you may have seen already on the internet.

1. Escalators Vs Stairs

This genius idea was to convert some stairs into an interactive keyboard that ran parallel to some escalators and then to watch human behaviour.  It didn’t take long for the individual mindset to change once you introduced a fun element to it.  Check it out below.


2. Guy Stripping, Women Go Wild

As the name suggests, the idea was to get a group of women to burn 2000 calories with an incentive for doing so.  Conceptually its a great idea to get people exercising.  Maybe having kids exercise for reward is something that should be developed (see point 3)


3. Beat the Streets Project

So one of the speakers at the Summit was Dr Bird MBE.  A project that he has been heavily involved in is gathering pace, its a simple idea that has the potential to be rolled out nationally.  It was very interesting to hear how something so simple could have massive health benefits for the children of tomorrow.


4. Take a seat, make a friend

This recently caught my eye on the internet and I really like it.  While it doesn’t represent anything remotely to do with exercise, I really liked how you could take a simple concept and make it fun (…who doesn’t like playing in ball pools and possibly make new friends in the process!)


I could literally talk all day about how great and important the Move.Eat.Treat campaign is and all we need is 15 seconds of your time to sign an online petition.  The ultimate aim is to get the decision makers of this country to hear the voices of this nation.  When we all stand together, we can make a difference.

If you want to hear more about the summit you can listen in on the Ben Coomber Radio Podcast No:61


For more information on the Move.Eat.Treat campaign, head over to the site.  It will only take 15 seconds to sign the petition for improving health reform in the UK.


Thank you for reading 🙂


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