The new kid on the block…TransDermal Technology

2014-01-13 10.56.23

So to say I’ve been looking forward to the day I can finally road test and talk about this new kid on the block is a little of an understatement.  For what seems like an eternity there has been some development on a couple of product lines that I quite honestly believe will change the way we can recover more effectively from training and enhance performance through the application of a TransDermal spray.

So what is a transdermal spray?

A Transdermal Spray delivers a compound or collection of nutrients to the surface of the skin that is then absorbed directly into the bloods circulation. The nutrients are then absorbed directly into the blood stream for a near instant effect on the brain, nervous system and muscle tissue.

Most people will take their supplements orally and possibly be put off by the idea of spraying nutrition on their skin. After all, our skin is a barrier that keeps out bacteria and protects us on a daily basis. But the skin is also a selectively permeable barrier, acting like a two-way motorway, thus selectively allowing certain molecules to pass into the epidermal layer, and thus enter the blood stream. It is this action that allows these products to deliver choice nutrition into the blood for an almost instant effect on the body and mind.

If there isn’t research to back an ingredient, it’s not in the products. Why take something orally, that may take 30-60 minutes to work, when you can apply it to the skin and have it work in 5-10 minutes?

That’s why TDT exists, performance and recovery enhancement, but faster, more efficient, at a fraction of the dose, at a fraction of the cost.

The best thing about these two products is that they are backed by extensive research by Manchesters Metropolitan University and I’ve followed their progress through the various stages of research and testing.

So today I was able to try these products out for real.  The performance spray is applied to the hands and you rub it dry and that’s pretty much it.  The effects are extremely subtle, you barely notice a thing, however within about 10 minutes you can start to see a noticeable difference in focus and then you realise that you have more in the tank than you think you have.  At the end of my workout I didn’t feel fatigued like I normally do, and as I had some iMett training to cover as well (more on that in another blog), I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how far I could push it.

So my iMett goal for today was to switch my heart rate from 131 to 166 at one minute intervals.  Heart Rate Monitor attached I was primed and ready.

Normally, jogging for me at 7.4km/h produces a heart rate of roughly 131, but today was different, my heart rate was only hitting 121, so I upped the speed to 8km/h to produce the 131 beats per minute, what I also found was that getting approximately 166 bpm previously would have required a running speed of approximately 12.5km/h but not today.  In order to get my heart rate to the required 166bpm, I had to increase the speed to 14km/h, so why was this?

From the research, it might just be possible that the application of the performance spray produces a 30% increase in oxygen efficiency.  I sure hope so 🙂

The recovery spray is also something that I should explain too.  Have you ever felt muscle pain 24-48 hours after a workout?  This is known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and quite frankly it can have a debilitating effect on training until things calm down a bit.  There are things you can take to limit the effects, like BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and one in particular Leucine, but there are also other things you can rub onto the skin which absorbs into it like magnesium oil and believe me, I’ve used all manner of potions to overcome DOMs in the past!

Straight after training, I applied the recovery spray to those areas I trained today and incredibly I don’t feel sore at all so far.  Obviously one application isn’t enough to qualify its efficacy but I’m really hopeful that both of these products will provide tangible results in the days and weeks to come.

If you are interested in following up and ordering some yourself, then head over to the main website ( where all the research and ordering information can be located.


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