I wish you could feel how I feel everyday…

When you wake up with an abundance of energy ready to kickstart the day with a bang you know you’ve got something right, well I feel like this everyday. I’ve become very adept at driving nutrients to where they need to go.  When every cell in your body has what it needs to perform optimally there really is no other feeling like it.

I’m not trying to brag, everything is possible with the right attitude and I’ve made this a lifestyle choice.  People take their health for granted until something goes wrong, I remember in my 20s thinking I was invincible and putting my body through hell.  Back then I thought I was bionic, I was so competitive that I was the guy that had a point to prove – I wanted to be faster and stronger than the guys I trained with and pushed my body to the absolute limits until my body literally gave up and put the brakes on.  A succession of injuries affected me pyschologically.  I was run down and didn’t understand why.

Scroll forward to today and I’m back to feeling incredible again, but this time I’m more educated.  I train intelligently and listen to the feedback my body gives me.  I’m really in tune with it.  The body is phenomenal at telling you things you need to know, you just need to understand the feedback and respond accordingly.

I had some blood tests recently as part of a wider health check and the follow-up with the doctor was extremely positive.

When my doctor looked at the variables and couldn’t figure out how I’d managed such a brilliant set of results, my response…

“I’m a nutritionist, its what I do…”

I take my role very seriously, I want others to experience the daily high of feeling incredible too so if you’ve ever considered that its time to change your lifestyle then myself and countless other nutritionists are out there to help you reach your goals…


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