So what’s the starting point…

Ok so to get some general stats out of the way before I start, let’s first take a look at where I’m at currently…

Weight = 80kg

Body Fat = To be determined by iDXA scan.  I have two booked, one for next week and one at the end so I can see the progress.  IDXA is the gold standard for measuring body fat (see below)


An iDXA, or dual energy absorptiometry scan uses a low dose of X-ray to create a picture that gives an overview of body composition. An iDXA scan shows an individual’s bone, fat, and lean muscle tissue. The scan is used by athletes to customize workouts and determine areas of the body which may need strengthening. It’s also used to create an accurate assessment of body health, skeletal health, and body fat, and to determine health risk factors based on body composition.

Baseline Kcals

So you may have heard the term RMR – Resting Metabolic Rate, this is a rough idea of how many calories you would burn if you literally did nothing but stayed in bed all day (great thought hey!).  You then apply some extra calorie allowance for exercise etc and voila you have a number that you aim for everyday.  There’s a bit more to it, but in an effort to keep the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid) it makes it easier to follow.

Macro splits

So for a couple of years I’ve played around with % macro splits to optimise performance and recovery and here are my numbers for a typical training day.

P: 30% F: 40% C: 30%

Proteins and Fats are essential, carbs less so but dependant on a number of factors regarding training intensity / duration.  30% usually gives me enough to perform and recover well.

On a typical training day I will generally burn around 450Kcal.  Some will think that’s a bit low but again keeping it simple and underestimating rather than overestimating.  I’ve had all manner of gadgets analysing this but it’s pretty close for a 1 1/4 hour session of weights and cardio.  I therefore put my total calories somewhere between 2200 – 2400 Kcals.

80kg is a little on the heavy side where my goal is to perform better, so I’m going to be dropping about 5kg and aiming for about 8% body fat.


I will post a typical day of food consumption for people to get an idea, again no hard and fast rules around this, but consistency is key and I’m a huge fan of variety so no chicken, brocolli and rice six times a day thank you.  My diet will be full of dark coloured, nutrient dense (not calorie dense) foods to give my cells all the macro and micro nutrients they need to perform at their best and sourced from a range of different local butchers, greengrocers etc to keep costs low.

Dietary breakdown to follow, some of it may surprise you especially where fat is concerned!


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