Get outside its summer!

So the northern hemisphere is now well into summer, yet I still see people in the gyms running on treadmills which seems a little weird to me.

I’m lucky to have a resting heart beat of my actual age, not many people can say that but its taken months of training my heart in a specific way to get it to perform efficiently so part of my problem is that I really have to push myself to the absolute limits to get anywhere upward of 165bpm but I’ve noticed something of late and that training outdoors, whether its running or cycling I can literally get my heart rate up to the levels I need when I’m outside.  It might have something to do with different forces being applied than when I’m on a cross-trainer or treadmill in the gym but I find actually feeling those forces improves my overall wellbeing like the wind on my face and the constant feedback I get when I connect with my environment.

So during these summer months, why not hit the outdoors and mix up your training a little, after all the air is fresh and the wide open spaces are free 🙂


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