Do I eat takeaway food?

A curious question I was asked the other day…In fact I get asked all the time what foods I eat, so lets get a little context here…

As a nutritionist, no food is off limits but it really depends on what your goals are…

Would I eat tonnes of pizza if my goal is fat loss? probably not!

That’s not to say I don’t eat pizza, I do, I choose to make my own though because I can get all creative with the ingredients, and my version of pizza is substantially healthier than the type of pizza you would find on the high street.

I guess it come down to a number of factors and making your own food should be a high priority.  Why do I say this? Well you really get an appreciation of the value of food and you also get a couple of important life skills, time management being one of them.  Cooking food that brings everything to a conclusion at the same point is pretty impressive once you’ve mastered it and there nothing that beats that feeling of accomplishment when you have a meal that you’ve prepared and cooked yourself.

When time is a limiting factor, we tend to default to ready made foods that we can quickly heat up in the microwave or order in like takeaways, yet these foods are relatively expensive, calorie dense and nutrient poor compared to buying in single ingredient foods like fruit, veg and quality sourced proteins.

Case in point would be a meal out for a family of 4 for around £60, yet with a little planning you could source around 4-6 days worth of food for the same money.

So instead, why not take some time to prepare nutritious food at the weekend that you can quickly heat up during the week if you are tight for time?

…a bit of planning can go a long way 🙂


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