If I only had a brain…


I can’t even begin to explain what a week I’ve had…

For the last few weeks I’ve been involved in completing some psychometric tests as part of a study into the health of the human brain…cool huh?

The culmination of these assessments ended this week with a series of brain scans that will be used as part of a wider study that involves eight universities across the UK.   The information will be collected together so that it can be analysed. The overall aim is to better understand how the healthy human brain looks in MEG (Magnetoencephalography).  This is a technique for directly measuring brain activity. Brain cells communicate with one another by exchanging small electrical currents and these currents induce a magnetic field that is distributed around the head. Such fields are detectable using a MEG scanner and their measurement allows the universities to determine the location of any electrical activity in the brain, and how the patterns of that electrical activity change over time.

So the first part of the day I had my head in a MEG scanner which was then followed by more psychometric tests and then followed up with a series of brain scans using MRI.  The cool thing about this MRI is that MRI technology was first conceived in Nottingham by 2003 Nobel prize winner Peter Mansfield and is one of very few with a tesla rating of 7 (Geek Mode: on)…In other words the imaging they can get from this machine is extremely detailed.

I have to say that the whole day was so awesome that its taken me a couple of days just to process all the information I was handed at the end.  Its safe to say the human body absolutely fascinates me since I took a very keen interest in my own health 5 years ago but any chance I can get to help out in future is definitely something I’m keen to pursue going forward.

So here are a couple of images taken on the day of my brain…Glad to see one exists!




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