Everything in moderation…

Everything in moderation is a phrase that I’ve come to despise over the last few months.  You tend to hear it a lot when the media find yet another food to have a go at and yesterday was no exception.

If you are non the wiser then yesterday the WHO (World Health Organisation) decided to list some red meat items like bacon and sausage as carcinogenic.  Depending on who you spoke to, the overwhelming response of people canvassed via the media and social media appeared to be in favour of ‘Everything in moderation’.  So is this an acceptable motto to use when it comes to our health?

For example, If I consumed a moderate amount of arsenic, would that be OK?  I can assure you the health outcome of that scenario would not be great at all, so when I posted this on a nutrition forum, I received the delightful response…’Well nearly everything!’

So let me give you a few more scenarios…

  • What about a person suffering from Celiac Disease? Is gluten OK in moderation for them?
  • How about the child with ADHD? Is a sugar based cereal moderately OK for him/her?

The point I’m trying to make is that we really do have to pay attention to how we take care of ourselves and not just moderately so and also moderation is a completely individual thing as a moderate amount of food for a 400lb male is nowhere near moderate for a 125lb female.

While I appreciate that there is so much misinformation when it comes to nutrition, to really live, thrive and be happy, you must first take your health in your own hands and educate yourself and not just passively view what you put in your mouth.

Once you begin to focus of your own health you also begin to take charge of it and of course the choice to live and choose how to eat is yours and your alone but please don’t excuse yourself by declaring ‘everything in moderation’.

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