Processed meats cause cancer….The evidence…

So you may have seen the headlines over these last few days about processed meats causing cancer according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), so where’s the evidence to support the claims?

Firstly, various news outlets reported the claims…links below

BBC NEWS: Processed meats cause cancer says World Health Organization

US NEWS: Bacon, hot dogs and other processed meats are linked to cancer, UN health agency says

So my friends over at did a rather splendid follow-up article looking at the evidence, link below.

Scientists just found that red meat causes cancer … or did they?

So in conclusion…

It’s important to remember that just because something is shown to have carcinogenic effects, doesn’t mean it will cause cancer. An increased risk can be small or big, and while the increase seen with processed meat is relevant because it’s avoidable, the risks are still nowhere near something like smoking cigarettes. –

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