Human Performance

It occurred to me yesterday after speaking to a student on the train back from London, that although I principally deal in nutrition, I pay particular attention to human performance.  People tend to think of performance in terms of athletes, but just getting people to function in the way their bodies are designed to function is also an area I pay close attention to.

Its true, the human body is complex, however, strip away all those complexities and you have an instrument that is looking for balance.  If you place it in a cold environment, it will find a way of keeping warm, the same can be said in reverse.

There are so many variables that contribute to this balance, nutrition just being one of them.  Sleep, stress and environmental factors all play a role in maintaining equilibrium.  There seems little point in having the best nutrition plan available if 99% of your daily life if full of stress and anxiety, so human performance is a way to bring all of these factors into line.  Think of an orchestra where each of the different instruments play all at once or worse still not at all.  It is my role as a human performance specialist to allow that orchestra to play the most amazing concerto they can.

You may be surprised to learn that often just by making a few subtle changes here and there can yield huge positive results so here’s a few points to take away:

  • Adopt the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid)
  • Eat more Fruit and Veg (Eating more of this will inevitably push out the bad stuff like cakes and biscuits etc!)
  • Vary your protein sources (Meat, Fish, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds etc)
  • Get more quality sleep (Having a short nap during the day can help massively too)
  • Spend a little time on YOU each day (Find a hobby, play a game, listen to music, meditate, go for a walk etc)
  • Don’t take life too seriously and look for ways to develop yourself (Always wanted to learn a language, then why don’t you?)
  • Enjoy all that life has to offer and look for the positives in every situation.
  • Don’t try and change everything at once, start a process of gradual change and set realistic goals

Hopefully you get the idea and if any of this resonates with you, don’t delay, start today 🙂

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