Change the mind, change the game


I talk a lot about mindset these days because your mind is the driving force behind how you feel on any given day.  Have you ever had that Monday morning feeling when your motivation is so low, just getting out of bed is a challenge? I hear you, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  You could choose to be thankful that you have another day in which to prove to the world that your existence is worth something, its all about mindset.

High profile actors, singers and media personalities didn’t get to where they are by chance; they put in hours and hours developing their craft until the point came that they were good at what they did.  We all have that capacity to focus on something we truly believe in, but it needs to start somewhere and that somewhere is believing in yourself first of all.  Being able have the self confidence to start something is half the battle.  We all have a skill that we can develop into something and if you put the hours in, you can maybe get a fee for what you do.  Continual self improvement is something we should all aspire to.

By all means have a long term goal, but along the way plan out smaller milestones and be prepared for setbacks.  You only fail when you give up entirely, however, learning from failure is actually a success, because you improve and adjust your mindset.  There are times when you have to dig deep for motivation but there are a couple of tricks I use to push forward through the hard times.

  1. Think about the task you are doing is for someone else and you’re letting them down if you fail.  Its surprising just how much motivation you can draw from believing that what you are doing will fail someone like your spouse or children.
  2. My favourite is to think about someone who decided to tell you that you were going to fail and proving them wrong.  The worst critics I’ve found are family and friends and they are the ones that may potentially derail your progress, but stay the course because the end goal is worth all the heartache.

Being negative is a default mindset for many, choosing to see the glass as half empty instead of half full.  Once you change your mindset to a more positive outlook, life becomes a lot simpler; you carry yourself in a different way and people around you respond better when you have a ‘can do’ attitude.

When people say to me that they struggle to stay motivated, I always respond with ‘despite how bad you think things are, there are people in the world who are inherently worse off than yourself’ and once you grasp that, your outlook hopefully changes to a more positive one.


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