So yesterday I posted on FB about doing a 400Kcal diet for about a week to understand a little more about very low calorie diets and the psychology behind it.  See link below:

Fair to say it got a few people curious.  The principle behind it is basically Intermittent Fasting with a limitation on calories set to no more that 400Kcals.  One of the first things that struck me was how alert I’ve felt on waking up, like incredibly so.  My sleep has also been consistent and deeper than usual.  In an effort to curb hunger, I’m drinking more, so overall my body is responding very well.

Am I hungry?  Around 4pm I do feel like I could eat something, so I plan to eat around 5pm and make use of all the calories.  All week I’ve played around with trying to get a wide variety of nutrients into my body, so today I’ve planned on creating a chicken and vegetable soup by using a slow cooker (great for this time of year).

Before I go into the ingredients, I’m actively measuring a few key health markers so that I can track what I’m doing and more importantly how I’m feeling during this week.  I’ve lost around 2kg in 4 days, mostly water and today I measured my blood glucose level and its around 3.3mmol/L, so overall not too bad.  Sleep quality and focus have massively improved amongst other markers showing improvement.

So todays meal breaks down a little like this:


So I have around 79Kcals to play with so I’m going to opt for a Cox Apple at 71Kcals, bringing me to just under 400Kcals for the day.  Important to know that critically I’m aiming for volume and satiety as its another 24 hours until tomorrow evening where I go again.  Psychologically I’m good shape and the weight is consistently falling off due to being in a massive calorie deficit.

Watch this space 🙂

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