Hi, my name is Andy.  This page has been created to spread nutritional know-how to the masses.  I’d like to think I know a few things about nutrition after all I lost 8 stone in 8 months.  I set about understanding the ‘science’ of why I was 18.5 stone.  Poor diet and lack of exercise were my undoing over a 19 year period.  I wasn’t always big, quite the opposite in fact, once upon a time I was athletic to the extreme, but a series of sports related injuries became my downfall.  I lost confidence in staying fit altogether.  Days became weeks and weeks became months and years.  During this period I flirted with the idea of getting fit again but it never materialised.

My moment of clarity came when I lost the ability to breathe during a severe bout of flu.  In that single moment, I made a promise to myself to sort myself out before I hit 40.  That vision became my focal point to the point of tunnel vision.  I developed a mindset that propelled me forward.  Life became easier and progress was slow, but I held the belief that if I stayed at it, good things would happen, and they did.

Six months before I reached 40, I had lost the 8 stone.  I appeared in Mens Fitness in Jan 2012 having won a competition and this opened up a world of possibilities.  Along the way, I met some fantastic people who believed in my dream, and these people I’m proud to say are the select few elite nutritionists of this country.  I have become good friends and stay in touch with most of them I’m pleased to say.

I totally believe in the power of nutrition, so much so, I’ve taken this to a whole new level.  I have already received one industry recognised qualification and I’m pursuing others.  I’ve created a company called ‘firststepnutrition’ with the sole purpose of helping others who wish to seek me out.

What separates me from the rest is that I understand how nutrition works because lets face it, I’m living proof that ‘nutrition’ does work if applied correctly.  I’ve also learned that some things work and some things don’t, I became my own ‘work in progress’ in many respects.

Today, I wake up feeling awesome every single day and I want to share that feeling with others…


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