One of the top guys in the nutrition industry told me to forget about making any money from a nutritional service in the first year.  It is far better to develop a winning and thriving business on recommendations alone.

I took heed of this advice, which is why I’ve decided to build up my business on testimonials.  That strategy is working incredibly well.  It also reminds me the reason why I’m doing this…to help and assist those who want to feel healthy and look good.  Notice that I said healthy first.  There are many reason to look good, but if we address health first, then the rest will come.

Take a look around at those with good skin…skin is a true symbol of our health because its the last place to get nutrition and if you can drive all those nutrients all the way through to the skin then you know its got to everywhere else too.  If someone has beautiful skin then it drives us to a deeper understanding of what is going on inside.

So in essence the service I provide is free…its also by invitation only because people like the word ‘FREE‘ and I’m already getting swamped with requests to help 🙂

Invitation will come through social media channels and I urge those who wish to participate, to like my facebook page (  I’m currently developing this to provide useful nutritional information to those that want to get involved.

I will also of course only take on those that want to be helped in the first place, so ‘LIKE‘ my page and wait for the invitation 🙂


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